BYDFAULT used to be a T-shirt brand

bydfault stephane boss running white river 50 miler july 2016

Some people don’t know about it and some only know BYDFAULT as a t-shirt brand.

It’s been two years since BYDFAULT’s mission is to work with nonprofit and for profit organizations to address their needs for brand recognition and fundraising, providing innovative custom branded apparel and promotional products, on time and on budget. And to donate back 5% from every custom order to charity.

Before that, BYDFAULT was a graphic t-shirt brand. Every design was made in collaboration with an artist from around the world. The design was inspired by a cause. The design was printed on fairly made/ethically sourced t-shirts sold online. $5 from every purchase was donated to the cause that inspired the design. Pretty cool, hein?

The roller coaster years

This past few years have been really like a roller coaster. I have seen businesses similar to BYDFAULT (the t-shirt brand) opening and shutting their doors. Or facing major challenging issues.
Launching and running a clothing brand is not an easy task (duh!). And I have certainly made mistakes and definitely underestimated how the fashion industry works.

To grow and be successful, a brand like BYDFAULT has to rely on massive marketing dollars (or a strong community of raving fans) and or boutiques and big retailers to resell the brand.

In 2014, two years after the launch I realized that the fashion industry might not be a good fit for me – Stephane Boss

The need to reinvent BYDFAULT

In 2014, two years after the launch I realized that the fashion industry might not be a good fit for me. Working with buyers always asking for more margin and not interested in the social responsibility of our t-shirts was the biggest challenge I faced. And I was not ready to compromise and downgrade the quality or reduce how much we were giving back.

I remember how Sevenly went from giving back $7 to 7% from every purchase and how their clients went South. Not good. I also remember how fast Roozt launched and then disappeared.
Of course there are still brands out there doing great work like TOMS. Though now co-owned with a private-equity firm.

Therefore, as an entrepreneur, I decided to cut the budget. I made that decision in order to be in a position to either find a job or to rethink the business model. The latter was clearly the direction I wanted to follow.

Three questions that changed everything

I asked myself three questions:

  1. What is bigger than the business itself?
  2. What am I good at?
  3. What do I like doing/not doing?

Basic questions but they are the ones that we don’t want to answer because we fear to face reality.

And the answers were:

  • Giving back and helping people live a better life;
  • Getting the job done;
  • Solving other people’s problems. Meaning addressing a need people have.

And that’s pretty much how I pivoted to the new BYDFAULT.

BYDFAULT now focus on helping businesses, nonprofits and corporations create memorable impressions through apparel & promotional products. 5% from every custom order goes back to charity.

What does that mean? I will get your design/logo/message on any piece of garment either with embroidery or print, and also on thousands of different products from stickers to pens through water bottles, mugs, banners… even on a surfboard, downhill skis, bicycles… you name it, we’ll get it printed with your message.

We also provide warehousing and order fulfillment and can create an online company store to sell your products online.

To grow your business/organization and receive insiders-tips on getting your brand recognized and ideas about apparel and promotional products that will create memorable impressions, join my mailing list:

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I am hiring: If you or someone you know is interested in working for us, I am hiring an outside sales representative.

If you were a customer of BYDFAULT the t-shirt brand, I thank you so very much for being a part of this first adventure. It has been truly my honor to serve you. I hope you still enjoy your shirt.

I look forward to helping you and your organization in the future with your promotional product needs.

Stephane Boss, founder and freedom fighter at BYDFAULT.

NB: I still have some inventory. If you want a new shirt, feel free to reach out.
NB2: about the picture? This is part of the new philosophy: Commit. Make a plan. Execute. Summit. (and kick ass!). In 2016 as I turned 50, I decided to run a 50K and then a 50 Miler (this pic). Up to the next adventure. Stay tuned.

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