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Located in Redmond, WA, BYDFAULT helps businesses and nonprofit organizations promote and grow their business with branded products. Our promise is to deliver on time and on budget top quality products to customers around the world, and to donate back 5% to charities.

BYDFAULT allows you to focus on your mission saving you time, space and money with your custom apparel & promotional  needs.

MStephane Boss, Creative Director & CEO BYDAFULTy name is Stéphane Boss,  I am the owner and founder of BYDFAULT.

Husband of Nathalie, we have three wonderful boys Matt, Alex and Ben.
I was born in the mid 60’s and raised in France.
I relocated to the United States in 2007 to continue a career in sales and marketing with corporate America.


Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn on left and my grandfather in the back on the right

My grandfather was a printer in Paris. A pretty well-known one actually. He was the very first to secretly print Russian author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in 1973 and against USSR’s will (but that’s another story*). At a young age, I was hanging around these huge linotype machines. He taught me how they worked, taught me the different type of papers… But maybe the biggest lesson in life I will keep from him is this: never take things for granted and forge your own opinion after you do your research. My grandfather also passed down my ability to follow my gut and do what I think is the right thing to do.





My dad, me, Matt, Alex and Ben.

My father was a graphic designer. As an entrepreneur, he had his own studio in Paris and specialized in direct mail ads. Growing up, I was in his office every day, and learned how to create brochures and ads; and check for typos. As a teenager and young adult I swore I would never do what he does. So ironic isn’t it? The lessons I learned from being at his side during all those years include:

  • kind patience
  • being meticulous
  • keeping it simple, and
  • an eye for what works and doesn’t – when it comes to branding



Though I said I will never do what my dad did, I later edited my saying adding: “If I think I can make a difference doing something different then maybe I will reconsider”.

In 2010 I went to Guatemala with two of my sons to volunteer at a rural school. It was my first volunteering experience. This trip overwhelmed me emotionally. When I came back I was transformed.  Obsessed about how I could give back to the community at a larger scale I called for a family meeting. And the outcome was BYDFAULT.  I wanted to create a company that will give back by default and from day one. And that’s what I did.  In August 2012, BYDFAULT was launched.


From 2012 – 2014, BYDFAULT was a t-shirt brand. Each design was created in collaboration with an artist and $5 from every sell was given back to the charity that influenced the design. In order to grow we needed to sell through retailers. And that’s when reality hits you in the face. I was knocked down by the harsh reality of the fashion world: margin, margin and more margin. BYDFAULT was condemned to either transform or fail. Transforming would have involved lower production cost, potentially lower the quality and source shirts from potentially unethical factories. And we would have to reduce how much BYDFAULT was giving back. I decided to transform the business from the ground up, instead of going in a direction that was not true to my and the business core values.

// BYDFAULT V2: BYDFAULT is dead, long live BYDFAULT! //

2014 – present
In 2014, on a blank page I wrote: “5% from every custom order will go back to a charity of the client’s choice”. That was the rebirth of BYDFAULT as you know it today. From there, I built a business dedicated to help organizations promote and grow their business with print, apparel and promotional products.  After all, that is quite logical, right? I moved from doing what I love to loving what I do. That is, helping other businesses grow and give back!


One of the benefits of choosing BYDFAULT is that you work hand in hand with an expert dedicated to your project. We will search and bid on your behalf, and offer options from which to choose. We have no obligation to work with specific vendors.  That gives us more flexibility and allow us to always have your best interests in mind. Over time we have built strong relationships with local as well as nationwide suppliers. Our mission is to provide you with the best quality products within your budget. We spend as much time as needed to go the extra mile, and ensure you have the best options.

Additionally, … with BYDFAULT you receive:

  • Advice regarding how to make your artwork – logo/design/idea – work.
  • Phenomenal service – We won’t do for you, something we won’t do for us.
  • Sometimes … you’ll get unsolicited advice. Sorry. But we are always nice and polite.

That’s way more than a transaction. We build relationship we every client we do work for. Your trust and partnership is our reward working with you. We don’t work for the short term and we love when you ask us about our history and future plans.


The core value at BYDFAULT is to give back to the community. That’s what we call the 5% back initiative. 5% from every customer order is donated back to a charity of the client’s choice.

We only work with trusted, high ranking suppliers. The ones that delivers great quality products, on time and on budget. We always work with your best interest in mind.

As a responsible company, we only work with firms and facilities:

  • who can prove they are ethical with their workers
  • offer fair wages to their employees
  • provide a safe environment
  • most of whom are WRAP certified – audited by a third-party organization.


We believe in social entrepreneurship as a mean to heal some of the problems the world is facing and I think we can do it collectively starting locally. My priority will always to work with local businesses first. Throughout the years I have built a network of suppliers I trust for their ethic and for their ability to deliver high quality product and services.

A HUGE thank YOU to our long time and new supporters:

Nathalie, Matt, Alex, Ben, Myriam, Olivier D, Ike (www.social27.com), Stephen, Jerome, Satya (www.itsaprefectday.com), Lori and Dave (www.raincitywest.com), John (www.dribbble.com/JohnHobbs), Lindsay (www.metamorphicgear.com), Eric, Olivier C, Audrey, Victor, Doc Matt, Benedicte, Dad and Mom, Christine, Rach, Fresh Consulting (www.freshconsulting.com) and of course Elif (www.elifergen.com), Vin and Omi (www.vinandomi.com), John Martinotti and others I may have missed.


stephane boss and his two sons in Paris2

Looking forward to getting to know you and helping you succeed in your endeavor.

Stephane Boss, Founder CEO & Freedom Fighter

Have a question? Send me an email at info@bydfault.com